Tuesday, November 13, 2012

All that and a bag of chips...

NANOWRIMO day 13 and people that I've killed have come back to life (no it's not a zombie story).  Actually, people that existed now don't and the good guy--well the dude done turned bad.  There's a dead kid chatting in the corner and the bad guy--well he didn't turn good but he isn't as bad as before.  Plot?  Nah.  Theme?  Nope.  Allegory?  Hell, I don't even know what that is.*

Also, the store on the corner charges $4.00 for a bag of  Doritos.  So for the salt and fat deprivation that my literary aspiration has created,  I bought these instead.

Only in Maine.  And no, no they were not good.  

*OHHHH, allegory.  Yes, I've got that.  Sort of.  



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